About Us

Music is Our Passion

We created Santa Cruz Audio because we are passionate about music. We spend most of our lives playing and listening to music. Our professional careers have focused on developing audio products and working to achieve the highest performance possible. We believe that music is one of the most powerful ways we can all connect with each other and to the universe.


Design Philosophy

Our approach to product design is to create the products that we wish we had. They need to enhance our lives and to help us do the things we want to do in the simplest, most natural way. They need to be a pleasure to own both functionally and aesthetically. With this vision and our extensive engineering experience, we are able to understand the needs of people like us and create the products we all wish we had.


The SC1000

Our first product is designed to enhance our ability to hear music. The use of sealing, in-ear style headphones has gained significant popularity in recent years. There are many reasons for this including their ability to block unwanted ambient sounds and to deliver nearly perfect sound. We took this concept and raised the performance in every category. The SC1000 finally delivers the in-ear headphones we’ve been waiting for! 


Santa Cruz Inspiration

We love—and are very fortunate to be—living and working in Santa Cruz, California. So much natural inspiration surrounds us. The redwoods and ocean are spectacular every day. Our appreciation of nature's finest also drives our principles for product design and sensible, ecological manufacturing.

Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz, California