SC1000 Quick Start Guide:

Quick Start Guide

Technical Notes:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"Can I still hear the music when the amplifier is in the OFF position?"

In the OFF position, sound can still be heard but will be quieter with less bass. This is helpful if the battery goes dead.

"How long does the battery last?"

The battery can last from several weeks to many months. The louder you listen, the more power is consumed and the shorter the battery life.

"How far do I need to push the ear tip into my ear?"

The ear tip only needs to form a seal with the opening of the ear canal. In most cases this means only light pressure is required. Try making minor adjustments and checking different ear tip sizes.

"Are the SC1000 headphones noise-cancelling?"

The term "noise-cancelling" usually refers to "active noise-cancelling". The SC1000 uses passive noise-cancelling which out performs most active noise-cancelling products. The amount of cancellation is adjustable with the Ambient Sound Control.

"Can I use the SC1000 to answer a call on my mobile phone?"

Yes. When you answer a call the music will go on hold and the receive sound will be extremely good with high isolation from your surroundings. You will need to speak into the microphone on the phone.